Photographer: Anine Desire Photography


Lazy Queen plays rock of the loud persuasion with an energy rarely surpassed. Their concerts are described as intense and explosive across the board, with an audience that’s just as often onstage with the band as they’re in the pit in the front. They’re recordings aim to translate this infectious energy to whatever format you’re listening to them on.   

Their music finds itself somewhere between noise rock, grunge and punk rock. With a wall of guitars that flows over a foundation of driving bass and hard hitting drums, this band demands the attention they deserve whenever they play. Combined with urgent and earnest vocals this outfit sounds like the sonic equivalent of a car crash in the most delightful way. The band is also defined by the contrast and spectrum within their music. They’re just as comfortable warped in the noisier and harder end of their set, the one that sends their audience flying between the walls of the venue, as they are with their more radio friendly songs propped with hooks and pop-sensibility.

Lazy Queen was started by Henrik Søberg in 2013, while he was living in New York. While Brooklyn-based the band consisted of him and three Americans, with him as primary songwriter. Together they played some of the city’s most vibrant and popular venues and festivals, which earned them a broad local following. They released four singles and the EP drift on Seattle label to critical praise from both national and international press in the form of a feature in Nylon Magazine and plays/recommendations on P3 Urørt. The releases culminated in countless shows in the local scene, a tour in Puerto Rico and opening slots for legendary bands such as Psychic TV.

Upon Henrik’s return to his home of Oslo he continued the project with the help of Oslo musicians Jonas Røyeng (Sauropod), Jon Bernhard Hunskaar and Peter Mortensen.

In the short time they’ve been active in the Norwegian music scene they’ve already played venues such as Blå, Last Train, Revolver, Maksitaksi, Knaus in Trondheim, opened for Casa Murilo in Bergen, co-headlined Høyvikfestivalen with Honningbarna and toured The Netherlands.

Despite an active gigging schedule they’ve still made time to make and record new music. Word on the street is that we might expect TWO EPs in the nearest future....



At once anthemic and accessible, jangly and ethereal, Lazy Queen crafts an expertly blended atmosphere that satiates our love of shoegaze and punk alike. Based in Bushwick, but bred from all around the world, the international foursome recently released their debut Drift EP. We chatted with lead singer, Henrik, who has a penchant for dangerously throwing himself down stage steps during the band’s exhilarating live performances.”

- Daniel Huskey, NYLON Magazine


Although they started as a recording project, it’s hard to believe that now, as they are quickly gaining a reputation for their explosive and engaging live shows! Their brand new EP, Drift, features high energy psychedelic indie rock inspired by experimental bands like The Pixies, Nirvana, Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Blur and Jesus & The Mary Chain. Check them out!”

- David Bash, Internation Pop Overthrow


Lazy Queen are loud. Real loud and each song sounds like they are out to prove something. I can’t pin point what they’re trying to prove,but they’re easily one of the most exciting bands around and have understandably gained a rep as being an electrifying live band. You can make sense of their sound on record, but you just know that their live shows is where they truly shine. (...)There is something brilliantly demonic in their music”

- Olivia Cellamare, Gypsy Death And You.


(…) there are few bands from Bushwick that actually make it to a status of fame beyond the confines of New York. (…) Thus,Lazy Queen’s publicity in national (but, yes, New York-based) magazine Nylon, has caused a riot in the underground music scene of Bushwick.

- The Burning Bush


Lazy Queen have just released their new album,“Drift” via Pacific Trash Records and, in doing so, have raised the bar in garage rock with 4 powerful anthems dedicated to the new angst of youth.These are literally four tracks of sonic journeys laden with lush hooks and melodies to light your way to the end. 

The sad part is, well, there’s an end. Lazy Queen’s name is a bit of a misnomer because, after listening to “Drift” over the past few days, I know they are far from lazy when it comes to their music.