Photo Credit: Anine Desire Photography

Photo Credit: Anine Desire Photography

 Lazy Queen plays rock of the loud persuasion with an energy rarely surpassed. Their concerts are intense and explosive, with an audience that’s just as often onstage with the band as they’re in the pit in the front. Their sound is a blend og noisy indie rock, grunge and punk rock, combining earworm melodic hooks with gritty aggressive energy. They’re like the sonic equivalent of a car crash.

2018 was busy for Lazy Queen with shows at major norwegian festivals and showcases including Kanalrock, Øyafestival (Club) and Oslo Pride, where their show saw over 200 in attendance. This in addition to touring both Norway and Denmark. In the latter half of the year also saw them releasing their first new music since critically acclaimed debut release Drift. The new EP titled A Sigh So Deep was released on January 11th 2019.

All singles from the new EP received airtime and A-listings on national radio, glowing reviews, recommendations and attention from tastemakers in new Norwegian music, and further praise from both national and international music critics. The EP itself was met with equal amounts of critical praise. It has received coverage by important Norwegian music outlets Red Bull Music, Rubato, Disharmoni and Evig Lyttar who called it “the best EP in years”.

Lazy Queen was started by Henrik Garcia Søberg in New York. The band debuted with a string of singles and the EP Drift, released on Pacific Trash Records. Drift garnered coverage from giant media outlets such as Nylon Magazine and Under The Radar Magazine, radio play in The US, UK, Australia and Norway, and solid reviews from various music blogs, zines and magazines. They quickly established themselves in the vibrant New York DIY-scene, with an busy live schedule and tours in the U.S and Puerto Rico. In 2016 Henrik moved back to Norway to continue the project there. With a new line-up they’ve toured Norway far and wide, played major festivals, landed much sought-after and revered showcase spots and has shared the stage with some of Norway’s most exciting acts, in addition to tours in The Netherlands and Denmark.



“At once anthemic and accessible, jangly and ethereal, Lazy Queen crafts an expertly blended atmosphere that satiates our love of shoegaze and punk alike.”

- Daniel Huskey, NYLON Magazine


“Lazy Queen has quite simply made the best EP this writer has heard in years. Highly recommended!”

- Evig Lyttar (9/10 stars)

“[A Sigh So Deep is] a 5-track study in well crafted genre mixing. It's rare to hear a indie rock/punk rock hybrid of this calibre, with a refreshingly liberated sound.”

- Disharmoni Magazine

“(...) We need bands like this in Norway. Bands who dare to step outside of the indie comfort zone (...) With the addition of Lazy Queen to the local scene, Norway is now claiming our part in an up-and-coming wave of great punk bands like Viagra Boys, Shame and Slaves. This is a band that undoubtedly should be on the list of bookers all around the country.”



“Lazy Queen are loud. Real loud and each song sounds like they are out to prove something. I can’t pin point what they’re trying to prove,but they’re easily one of the most exciting bands around and have understandably gained a rep as being an electrifying live band. You can make sense of their sound on record, but you just know that their live shows is where they truly shine. (...)There is something brilliantly demonic in their music”

- Olivia Cellamare, Gypsy Death And You.


“(…) there are few bands from Bushwick that actually make it to a status of fame beyond the confines of New York. (…) Thus,Lazy Queen’s publicity in national (but, yes, New York-based) magazine Nylon, has caused a riot in the underground music scene of Bushwick.”

- The Burning Bush